Monday, October 31, 2011

Square Envelope Tutorial

Hi everyone! I've been wanting to send the family a couple of Halloween cards I actually created last year and have hung on to until now because I didn't have any envelopes large enough in which to mail them. Well, after all this time I still haven't picked up any envelopes large enough to mail the cards so I decided to make my own and in the process took a few photos to share this tutorial.

The envelope created in this tutorial is 6 x 6 and nicely fits up to 5 3/4 x 5 3/4 cards. To get started, you will need the following materials: 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock, pencil, something to scor with, scissors, ruler (not in photo) and double sided tape.

First cut the 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock down to 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 and place the bottom side facing up on your table.

Using the pencil mark 4 1/4 inches in from each corner. You should have two marks on each side of your cardstock. The pencil was hard to see in some of my photos so I marked over it using a metallic silver pen to make the marks easier to see. This is also a close up of just one corner of the cardstock.

Using the pencil and ruler trace lines across the cardstock connecting the outer two marks. This will make it easier to scor.

When you are done tracing the lines your cardstock should look like this.

Now you are ready to scor the lines. I used the scor-pal to scor my cardstock but really anything that scors will work. If you have a fiskars paper cutter simply change out the blade for the black one that scors and you are ready to go. If you don't have a fiskars paper cutter or scor-pal simply use a straight edged ruler and a bone folder or embossing stylus.

Once you've scored all four lines you are ready for the next step.

So that the sides fold up nicely next take your scissors and cut out the triangle on each side of the cardsock where the lines intersect.

Bend the cardstock along the lines your scored.

Using the double sided tape cut a couple 3/4 inch strips, just enough so that the other flap of cardstock will cover them up.

Next peel the covering off the tape, line up the other flap and press down firmly.

Now add a strip of tape along each side of the bottom flap.

Peel off the covering, fold the flap up and press down firmly.

You did it!  Your envelope is all ready to use to mail off one of your lovely card creations.

This is one of the Tilda cards I created last year and am sending to my husband's grandmother now that I have a beautiful matching envelope to use!

This Scor-Pal Table lists various square envelope and box sizes as well as the card sizes these envelops fit. I hope you've enjoyed today's square envelope tutorial and enjoy making matching square envelopes for your fabulous card creations!

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SandraW said...

Great tutorail, Karen!
Thanks for sharing!
And now I know again why I need to buy a Scorpal... *sigh*
All I have to do is save some money... ;-)

Hugs, Sandra

Carrie said...

What a great tutorial Karen. I need a score board

Lorie said...

What a great tut Karen! I will be pinning this one!

Linda said...

Great tutorial Karen!!!Real easy too:)

Sandra said...

Thank you for the great tutorial:) Sandra H

Sheree said...

Awesome tutorial Karen!! I'll have to give that a try... You make it look soooo easy!

Helen said...

Thank you Karen for this clear tutorial. Will need to put a scor-pal on my wishlist. Regards.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Fabulous tutorial hun!! Thanks so much for sharing this!! ;)

TuKara/Karena/ said...

Merci pour super toutoriale!

Shelly Schmidt said...

I have never made an envelope- this is a great tutorial- I could use up a bunch of DSP....! Thanks!

Надежда said...

Many thanks for a master class! You have very well described it and so have qualitatively photographed!

Sharon Basel said...

Oh bless you for this tutorial Karen! Every time I've tried this on my own, well they just didn't turn out so good. But I just did this from your tutorial and it came out perfectly! Thanks so much!